Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thinking Makes Me Think.

While randomly thinking of one of my favorite songs: I Am Not A Robot, by Marina & The Diamonds, I remembered a quote in the song that you hear everywhere. It's the quote that more or less says: "Better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you're not." And that got me thinking some more...
It's so true, but yet sometimes so hard to follow through with. I am definitely a people pleaser. I don't like hurting feelings, I don't like contention, and I don't enjoy embarrassing others; so I usually stay quiet even when I wish I had the guts to speak up.
I'm realizing more and more that occasionally those things are just gonna happen. I cannot please everyone, and if I always try, I will always be disappointed.
I want to start speaking up when I witness someone mistreating another, or when I hear gossip, or even little things like telling the waiter when the food is cold; like my mom so easily does. :)
Speaking of my mom, she's a good example of advocating for yourself. Ever since I can remember, she's gotten us free movie tickets, a free meal voucher, or a simple apology from public places because she's not afraid to speak up. She doesn't do it to get free things, though that is an added bonus, she does it because why should she have to remain unsatisfied while the place remains clueless? They want to give you great service anyway, and how can they fix it without you telling them? So thanks Mom, for being a brave example. I sure do love you.
I need to buck up and be more brave. I have to say though, I've come a long way since my teens, when I was too scared to even call Domino's for a pizza delivery. Now I just need to step out of the shadows when others need an advocate. I'd rather stand up for what I believe is right and maybe get the stink eye and some yelling in my face, than silently let it happen while I look the other way.
Nothing in particular happened in my life recently to make me post this. I was just pondering that quote, and typed out my thoughts.


  1. Ha. You were too afraid to order pizza. I'll stand up for you in public, Sam. I'll embarrass you, no problem. Embarrass me? That's a whole other story. It's funny how Mom is the way she is and only one of her kids ended up being that way. The rest of us would rather duck our heads behind anything we can find and avoid confrontation at all costs. Weird.

  2. Very thoughtful insight! I wish you well in this quest, because its a worthy one!

    P.S. a poem to go with your title:

    Once I thought a thought, but the thought that I thought, wasn't the thought that I thought that I thought.

    So if the thought that I thought, wasn't the thought that I thought that I thought... I didn't think.