Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Love My Love

Today started off as a bad day for me. I had a super difficult time waking up, moved too slowly - therefore making my friends leave later than desired to the Pride Parade, and Elise and I had a minor tiff on the way home from the parade. That made my mood go further down, on top of the heat. We go to the store and she says a comment to me that I took personally when I shouldn't have and from then on I couldn't get back up. I let myself be miserable, thereby affecting those around me with my sour mood. I avoided talking to Elise, looking at her, and being social at all. I wasted the rest of my day - and now I'm regretting it.
I love my fiancee so much, and I hate wasting the time I have with her. Let me direct this to you, in fact, Weese. Each moment I have with you means the world to me. This lifetime is not even close to enough time with you, I am CRAZY about you. When I do things like I did today, it is a waste, and I am so sorry I let it happen. I'm working on trying to come out of my "moods" quicker each time, but it is a constant challenge for me. I hope you can continue to be patient with me, and tolerate my flaws. I love you more than anything in this life, you are my other half and best friend. Tomorrow will be better.
I love you, love you, love you.