Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In A Round-About Way, This Is For Thanksgiving.

I wish I could explain how or why it is so exciting to meet other people who are gay. It's like...I finally discovered this trait in myself that I believe I always carried but never understood. It's a trait that many despise or fear, but I have come to appreciate; and to meet other people who can relate to me in that way is kind of amazing. I love hearing their stories and how various people in their lives reacted to their coming out. It makes me look at my own life in a new light.
We all have history, and we all create our future in a way that best serves ourselves. I hope all the people who cringe at the gay community come to realize very soon that we are merely fellow human beings who want goodness and equality in the world.
What else is there to see in us?
I am beyond grateful this Thanksgiving season for every single individual I have met who learned I was gay and cared no more about it than that I am blonde. And for the many people in my life who do care, I am grateful that you still love me for me, and that you treat my other half with kindness and respect. I am grateful I never had to experience being thrown out or shunned by my family, and I am grateful for Elise's family who have all given me so much.
So many never experience it, but I am a fortunate person, to have found true love. So Elise, by saying how grateful I am to have discovered this piece of myself (in being gay), I suppose it all comes down to how immensely thankful I am...for you. Always.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sweet and Sour

We had such a good Halloween this year. We were able to share it with friends and family. We started our Halloween ventures with a party at our house Saturday night. If you didn't come you missed out on some amazing dance moves. Unfortunately, Elise was quite seriously injured when she gave herself whiplash doing something similar to Willow Smith's "I whip my hair back and forth" move. Thanks to all who came to the party and if you didn't make it, don't miss it next year!

The actual day of Halloween is Barb's birthday so we try to spend at least a few hours at her house. We wanted to do something different for her and after loving the cake Taylor and Elise did for Sam's surprise party, we decided to make her a cake! We decided to make a replica of Barbara herself.

Take a look for yourself...

So it doesn't look much like Barb, but she is a witch so we created her secret identity. Sam named the witch, Wanda. We loved her. The ride to Layton was a tense one and we were relieved to put her down safely. She was quite delicious and we're excited to do our next cake!

We had a post-Halloween scare while cleaning out our tub drain. Sam isn't too excited about sharing these pictures in the same post as our delectable Wanda, but what do you do?

Wait for it...

We got sick of standing in a foot of water while trying to shower. Anyone in need of a toupee?!