Friday, February 25, 2011

All Before 11am

What a great start to today. I was already in fight with Sam before 8am this morning. (Don't worry Carolyn it's nothing big and it's now resolved, I'm just mentioning it so you can get a full picture of how my day has gone.) I didn't even want to be up before 8 o'clock but because of the arguing there was no chance I was going back to bed. It's a good thing someone was on the phone with their boyfriend on the street in front of us arguing about whether or not they were official or because that's a very important thing to discuss in front of our apartment at 3:06 in the morning. After Sam left for work I wasn't alone for long, Taylor came in to try to get a little spoonage before he went to his training. I was grumpy so he didn't get much more than a few pinches, slaps and a kick or two. I accompanied him to the tennis store and to get coffee. The entire time I was ready to vomit. As soon as he dropped me off he informed me that I had a parking violation. I made sure to move my car before we left so this didn't happen. Now I have a ticket to dispute. Stupid officer, get your job right. As soon as I reached the bathroom in our apartment the vomiting started. How is it possible that some women go through life without a cramp and my cramps cause things such as this? Clearly I'm feeling sorry for myself and would prefer to just go climb in bed and cry and sleep for the rest of the day but instead I'll get my coat and head out the door for work. I'm sure this day could be much worse but being the first day of my period I just want to bitch and have people feel sorry for me. Ha. So there.


  1. elise! oh my worldy world, the cramps they are the DEVIL'S SPAWN. oh how i miss you sis, you looked so beautiful when we saw each other, after we got in the car spencer goes "woah, elise is super beautiful and so kind" i love you and i want to get together soon. like really soon. my phone #801.916.5006 i don't have texting so call me ladybird, dance party? spencer has some killer moves... xoxo

  2. I'm right there with you, Elise. That kid's picture is pretty much how I feel today too. We should revolt.

  3. Oh Trevor, one of these days you are going to either have to realize that girls, menstrate, fart, poop and other things I don't need to type on here. If not you're going to have a really harsh learning experience...