Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Place, New Start

With a new place, hopefully will come a new start.
Elise and I have made it through some really tough times, and are overcoming another now. I'm so grateful for her patience and unconditional love, I don't tell her enough how amazing she is. I've put her through the ringer this time, and I think we see light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you, Weese, for everything.


  1. FUN!!!! Although Im saddened not to see a life size portrait of me on the wall!

  2. Sam, what a cute and inviting little place! I would love to come see it soon. I love you both and I know you will work through your issues. Now, the chore is going to be not ruining your new place with your stink. Showers are key, Sam. Showers are key. Now, watch how my body rolls in my tight pants.