Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Latest Craze...

I gave into what my parents, Sam's parents and some friends have had a lot of success doing. It's an app on the iPhone called My Fitness Pal. I LOVE it. Some say I obsess over it and I call it a control issue but nonetheless it's amazing. Not that you care to hear, but it tells me how many calories I should have a day and I enter in everything I consume and every calorie I burn. I don't know that I have lost weight in the week I've been doing it but I feel better. The crazy thing is I had no idea how many calories I was eating everyday. It definitely made me a lot more aware of what I put in my body. I also now have more of an incentive to work out because that means I can eat more!

So it's my day off and since the elementary school where I volunteer has a short day I had to find something productive to do. Thanks to Carolyn (one of my favorite cooks and bakers) I did. She gave me an awesome recipe for some delicious low calorie muffins. 42 calories a muffin?!?! I was all over that. Thank you Carolyn. I was lucky enough to share some with my little sis and one of our dearest friends when they came to visit. They loved them as well, but since there wasn't chocolate in them my attempt to force them down Taylor's throat was unsuccessful. Here is me being proud of the very difficult recipe I had to follow (2 packages of spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin), and the second picture of me is saying, "Don't you want one of these?" The last picture is Frankie and I enjoying.

(not sure why my eye looks googly)

I'm now onto my workout and then hopefully an amazing night with my very favorite people! I love you Wednesdays!

One more thing, thanks to my very lovely girlfriend for going on this calorie counting quest with me! Always easier with a partner. AND congratulations to mine and Sam's parents on their success with My Fitness Pal. You all look amazing!