Friday, August 5, 2011


Well looks like we're sticking around for yet another year. We've already received some crap and i'm sure there is more on the way, but we'll just have to take it. I'm so excited that we get another year with our roommates, friends and families. (Other than the Sorenson's who will be deeply missed.)
It's been pretty clear all along that I haven't been stoked to go, so the decision to stay had to come from my lovely girlfriend. It didn't take more than a half of a second to convince me. This year I hope to accomplish a lot. I wanted to go back to school but apparently 2 weeks before the sememster starts isn't enough time. I'm planning on applying to the U and hopefully I can join the university for Spring sememster. Sam and I are both very excited to participate in the Dirty Dash with our sisters next month. Sam and I have always wanted to do a race together, but unfortunately this one won't be it. She is going to be on a team with her sister Lindsay and some friends, and I'll be on a team with my sisters and some friends. One day Sam, one day. If I could only convince Sam to marry me in the next year that would be awesome. I think she wants to wait until we're home from LA but that could be another 3 years or more, I should have a child by then!
I feel happy to be able to stay in Utah another year and I hope to live up every last second of it. So excited to start it off with a trip to Bear Lake with the family!