Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!

22 years ago my little sister was born. I'm sad to say I hate where we are now but I would rather talk about the previous years because today is a good day, a celebration of her life.

Frankie Jill was the sweetest child. Sure, most children are sweet but she didn't have anything bad to say. She was friends with everyone. She had friends of every shape and color. She was friends with the disabled and the geeks. Frankie LOVED to talk. She would strike up a conversation with anyone, stranger or not. I feel like I owe me being out going as an adult to her. I was extremely shy as a kid but I had just as many friends as Franks because everywhere we went she would pull me around and say, "I'm Frankie and this is my big sister Elise!" She always made sure I had friends and was included. When I reached 3rd grade I was just as loud and talkative as she was.

When high school came around I was so excited to share my senior year with my sister at the same school. I went to lunch with her as often as she'd let me and we'd hang out sometimes on the weekends. Frankie and I just had a good time together. We would laugh until we cried and only fought on occasion. We were really close in high school.

Frankie is like my little baby in a way. I feel this need to take care of her. I have a hard time with her growing up...I know she can do great things and I want her to fulfill whatever her purpose is on this earth and nothing less. I have so many days when I just want to go to her house and pick her up. I want to turn on the music and drive until I'm out of gas. I was to listen to her, I want to understand.

Frankie Jill is one of my very favorite people. She has had a lot of experience in these short 22 years and I'm glad to have been apart of it. She truly is amazing.

I love you, Little Sister.

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  1. I miss the old us!! Where is it you want to take me?? Tell me when you can go for a drive until our gas is gone and I will come and get you...