Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh what a night!

Last night Sam and I hung out with a friend we hadn't seen in almost 7 months. We made plans week after week but it always seemed to fall through. I'm so glad it finally happened because we had such a good time.

He brought along a friend of his who we immediately clicked with and found adorable. We hit up O'falafel for dinner (if you haven't been there go today because it's delicious! 2100 south 800 east). We showed him our house, then went and played at the park until his friend got sick and we rushed them to the train station only to have them miss it.

I didn't tell Derek this but I discussed it with Sam a little bit. Derek seemed different. Not in a bad way but a great one. He seemed older, which he was by 7 months. Ü He had matured but still had his silly quirky personality. He made me laugh harder than ever but something had definitely changed.

The four of us had a brief and clouded conversation about overcoming struggles. We were talking about one thing, but at least in my head was thinking of another. We were kind of bantering back and forth.

"Struggles make you stronger, right?"
"They eventually go away..."
"No, you have to work to make them go away."
"Maybe after a couple of years they'll just disappear."
"You'll become a better person because of them."

We all just sort of threw in comments. I think it's a personality type thing. (I'm a J!) Some people I honestly believe can just let things go and never discuss them. On the other hand people like me need to go through the stages of healing. I guess people do it in their own way. I think Derek has been going through these stages and that's why he seemed so matured to me. His struggles had helped him to grow and learn. I love it. I love seeing how he's taken pain and molded himself to be a better, more wise person.

Sam and I have most definitely grown from our struggles and I think we still are. She is such a different person than the 18 year old I met years and years ago. She's more her own person. I love watching people grow and figure themselves out. We might only have one life, so as insignificant as each life may be we might as well have fun and make it our best.


  1. Greetings! I found you through Chris. Re: struggles, it's difficult for me to really place the events of my life in any particular pattern, since while there are things that, as isolated items, I regret, or wish had happened differently, I'm happy where I am now. In fact, I wouldn't want things any other way. So I can't honestly say that I regret anything.

    PS: your marquis picture is adorable!

  2. What is with all these code names? Am I Newman, Felix or Jessope?! I like my name being Derek. Or D-rock works too... :D

  3. Ha ha ha! There ya go Derek, I changed your name. Ü Thanks for such a fun night. I love you!

    Thanks for the comment C.J. It's good to have a new blogging friend! Ü

  4. Cortney and I just read this together again. :D We love you! Cort says she wants to hug you two! Love the pictures!