Friday, June 18, 2010

Lemons Make Lemonade and...Lesbians?

I thought I should clarify why I chose the title of our blog. In 2008, Elise and I lived in Oregon and met a great lady who happened to be a lesbian. One day she asked Elise if she and I were "lemons." Not knowing what that meant, Elise said no. "You're not...a couple then?" she tried again. Elise bashfully laughed and admitted we were. She said she knew we were "lemons," which in her circle of friends, meant lesbians. They made it up to be able to talk freely of lesbians without saying the L word which seems to make so many uncomfortable. Well, really, it's not the prettiest word.


  1. That reminds me of 30 Rock, the episode where Jack Donaghee mistakes Liz Lemon for a lesbian.

  2. I always liked the word "Lesbian", for its history. It comes from the Greek island Lesbos, which is in the northern Aegean Sea. Originally, it was the home of the lyric poet Sappho. Considered one of the nine great lyric poets, her work focused on love--for people of both genders. She, much like yourself, rejected categorization. An outspoken advocate and critic during a period of great political turbulence, she attracted other women (and men) to her, as students and co-philosophers. She was, arguably, the founder of the first Lesbian commune. So, the word, to me, has always evoked something of her independence, and of the ability of all of us to create our own islands--literally and metaphysically.

    OK, I'm done! ;-)