Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To the BEST girlfriend in the world!

Sam made my birthday so wonderful this year! She knows me so well. I love birthdays to extend longer than just the actual day. She not only got me one of my favorite movies and some clothes but a trip to Seattle!!! I'm so excited! If you are aware of this trip you should know that I have NO idea what we're doing there. I just know we are going and the rest will be a surprise when I get there. Thanks Sam for another great birthday!
I have been SUPER stressed this week and Sam is the perfect girlfriend for it. She puts up with me and just holds me and listens. She is actually a really great problem solver if I would only take her advice. Please continue to be patient with me babe.
I don't know who all you suckers are with but I truly am the luckiest!


  1. WAIT... when are you going to Seattle? Im gonna be up there next week?

  2. Not that soon, about a month. September 3rd to the 12th. Will you be up there again? Ü

  3. Um, you better say hello when you're up here!