Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Mutually Committed"

Today, we are one step closer! Closer to what, you might ask. Well...equality? Having the rights we and so many others deserve by being contributing members of society? Yeah, all of that.
We walked into the Salt Lake County Building and had a woman come over and immediately tell us in a worn out voice that Passport time was over. We didn't even skip a beat (for whatever reason) and just said we weren't there for that. "Then what did you need?" she asked. "Mutual...Commitment...registry?" we responded, not exactly knowing what to call it, since it seems it's no longer called "Domestic Partnership." "Oh, ok. I need to see your IDs, proof of mutual ownership of a vehicle, proof of a joint bank account, and proof that you share the same residence." BLAM. We set all those things down on the counter. We meant business. We were determined to NOT be sent away for not having something, like what always seems to happen at the DMV, no matter how many times you check the list for what to bring.
The woman didn't seem to know what she was doing, so I assumed she was new, but then her co-worker walked by and said, "Is this your first one? I did the third one earlier today!" The lady wasn't new, it was just that no one had done the process enough to have it go smoothly! We were couple number FOUR. Pioneers indeed. Only the fourth same-sex couple to receive a County-stamped piece of paper that said we could share in each other's work benefits, in all of Salt Lake County. Crazy.
This may not come close to the benefits we'll have when we can finally legally marry, but we're grateful for this small step forward. Yahoo for progression!


  1. I am happy for my baby. Love you both and miss you tremendously!

  2. You both are my inspiration! Thank you! oh and Congrats :)