Friday, August 23, 2013

Careers and School and Babies, Oh My!

Well, reality is setting back in after a nice summer with nothin' but my summer camp job, which I always LOVE. Now it's back to school and I'm trying to find a second job to pay dem bills. My wifey has started her career as a Functional Academics teacher and is a natural at it. I had the pleasure of going to her class for a day, and fell in love with her students. She impressed me, as I knew she would, and it made me excited for the possibility of having my own classroom one day. It's crazy to think that we met eight years ago, in college, both thinking we were going to become ASL Interpreters, and how much our career choices have changed since we met. Now Elise is finally set in a career and already into her Masters program. I'm so proud of her, and hope she's proud of herself. Maybe one of these days I'll actually finish this money-sucking, bottomless pit called college, and dive into a career of my own; and not let fear or stress talk me out of it. I tend to take quite a while to make big decisions. Not my favorite thing about myself.
On another note, we are beyond baby hungry. I feel like Tina Fey in "Baby Mama," whenever she sees a family with a baby. Sometimes Elise and I will stop in the baby clothes section at Target or the mall and just pick out outfits for our future babies.

We have seriously almost justified buying outfits for our nonexistent child several times. We both leave almost crying every time. Unfortunately, we cannot adopt here in Utah because we are a couple. A single, gay adult can adopt here, but not if you have a partner. Seems weird to me. I guess people find ways around it and do it here, but I want to get my children in an honest way so I don't break out into a guilt-ridden sweat every time I preach to them about honesty. Adoption costs a fortune though, and I'm just crossing my fingers that Elise's new teaching career will make us millions (because everybody knows teachers do it for the pay) and we'll be able to adopt 72 children in need of love. Cuz we have a lot to give.
Anyway, until then, school and work will have to suffice. Ugh. I miss my family members who are out of state. And I miss Elise's sister and her family in Hawaii. Why can't families just travel in packs forever?
Here's to babies. And family. (I raised my invisible mug, as if to "cheers" anybody bored enough to read this.)


  1. I was not bored at all. In fact, I loved this post! I envy that you have a woman whom you love and with whom you want a houseful of babies. Yes, they are awful cute, those wee ones. I hear you about how cute they are. :)

    I felt the same way about being in college as you do now. It seemed I would NEVER get finished. Finally, I did, becoming a Jr. High/ High School math teacher. I thought I would do that five years, then move on to something else. It has now been more like 500 years (I like to exaggerate a little bit, can you tell?) and I love it, still. I have not have even one day in those 500 years where I wished I were doing something else.

    It will happen for you, too, a career you love and want to do forever. Hang in there, step by step, and before you know it, you are right where you want and need to be. ;)

    Happy day to you and yours! Duck

  2. Good job, Sammy June. I can relate to what you are feeling, except I'm doing everything backwards to you. I sometimes wish I would have done it in your direction, but everyone's paths go in different ways to hopefully end up at the same end destination. There are going to be wonderful things in your future, just give them time. Everything happens for a reason. If nothing else, just to race your sister to the graduation finish line. Of course, as usual, you will win this race, but I fully expect you to be there waiting, cheering me to my usual, red-faced, sweaty finish. Love you dearly.

  3. Cheers! I know that was a special nod to me, right?!

    Sammy June, you are a delight to see grow into the woman you are. Who woulda thunk in HS you were a baby crazy momma!? Not me. I applaud your you desire to obtain a child in an honest way, even if it takes longer than either of you want. It is best. When I come to Utah next summer I will help fight for you and Elise to get a baby (but you have to stay there first).

    Congrats to Elise on her class, thats so exciting. My sis just got her own classroom too and I know it takes long nights and endless amounts of stress to run a class. So props! You will get there soon enough. All in time.

    Muah, love ya!

  4. We miss you guys too! So proud of both of you guys and how much you have both accomplished! It's super hard and stressful but worth it all and so awesome that you get to encourage and support one another through it! Love you xoxoxoxo (that's what Grandma Francis always did)