Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Observation of a Stranger

His hands slowly soared forward to pat an invisible box, then sprang back one after the other. Again. Then the fingers of his left hand scratched an invisible record, followed by some air drumming. The side of his head steadily hit a non-existent wall to his left while his hands now snaked through the air.

This guy with his khaki shorts, goatee and sunglasses gave a new meaning to "Dance like nobody's watching." He did just that. And he was definitely watched; by me and several other surrounding drivers. He wasn't even hidden by tinted windows or car doors, he was seen clearly on the seat of his cherry red Vespa. Had he not had iPod earphones in, people might've wondered about him, but I admired his bravery.

So many times I sing or dance to my music in my car, Treebert, and then I stop whenever at a stoplight. Why do I care? Everybody sings and/or dances in their car! This guy (who I'm guessing is a DJ) even shares his wicked moves at a red light on his scooter for all to gape at.

New goal: Don't make fun of "that girl" in the car next to me, wide-mouthed with her hair whipping her face because she's singing out loud to her favorite tune! She's confident. She's cool. So is Vespa DJ. So will I be too.



  1. OH MY HELLS BELLS i LOVE the new layout and the pic of you guys is probably my favorite :) love and miss you both!

  2. I was just thinking the same thing as Kesley Elizabeth. I love the new layout of the blog, and the picture. But I'm quite sure I love and miss you both more!!

  3. All I can say is wow to that picture of you air banding. Wow. Love you!