Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last Two.

I love your eyes, nose, lips, smile, ears, and cheeks. I love your FACE.

I love how inappropriate you can be. (Most of the time.)

I love how we met.

I love that Hawaii is your favorite place and that we FINALLY get to go there TOGETHER in 2 WEEKS!

I love how much you love Halloween.

I love that you said yes.


  1. I don't know you, but I saw your blog from a mutual friend on facebook. I've read your blogposts and love your story and am amazed by your love. I hope you have a beautiful wedding and a very happy life together (:

  2. These posts are SO cute :) I saw a sneak peek of your wedding photos on FB and they look GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see more :) Hope you two are having the most lovely honeymoon!

  3. I stumbled on to your blog through mutual friends on Facebook as well. I was deeply touched by your story. Your love, your struggles, your laughter and your journey. I laughed, cried, and was filled with hope. Tonight has been a horrible night for me, and reading your blog took me out of myself and inspired me. I am forever grateful. I cannot wait to hear about more of your adventures and maybe meet you through our mutual friends or love of theatre I share with Sam (I do shows at The Off Broadway Theatre downtown) and perhaps even give you both a hug! Thank you again for making an unbearable night better. You have changed me for the better and made a difference in my life.


  4. Wow, all of you, thank you. Your comments mean so much! Thank you all sincerely! -Sam