Monday, July 2, 2012

Just a few thoughts

We are now down to 32 days, which is absolute insanity! We have accomplished a lot in the last week and hope to do a lot more this week. I have finished a lot of my summer school and have less than half way to go, believe it or not somehow I'm getting really good grades. There are a lot of emotions in the air and a lot of the same conversations keep reoccurring.

We keep talking about how lucky we are that there are so many people from out of town coming to the wedding. There are quite a few coming from Oregon, some from Washington, Texas, California, Virginia, southern Utah and even some from New York! I'm sure there are even more states than the ones I have named, but this gives you an idea. We feel so much support and love because we know it's not cheap or easy to do what they are doing. We cannot wait to see everyone and for them to share this big day with us!!!

We also have quite the support system right here in our own little state. We have had an outpouring of helping hands whether it be with loaning equipment, decorations, vendors discounting, helping on the big day and even money. Seriously, we could never have imagined people would be so wonderful. Thank you to everyone.

Now I must say this has been a very positive experience for us, but there have been tears. The hardest thing for me and probably for Sam too, is not having all of our families there. We understand some just can't, like my cute sister and her family in Kauai since they will have a new baby, (we have made arrangements so they can tune in via Skype!) but some are choosing not to. This isn't to point fingers and tell them how horrible I think they are, I'm just sad. I'm sad not all of our siblings will be there, both immediate and in-laws and that not a single one of our nieces and nephews will be there.They are my life. I would do anything for them. I hope one day they know how much both Sam and I wanted them there. How badly we wish they were our flower girls and ring bearers.

I'm so excited to marry Sam. She is so wonderful. I have no idea how I am going to put into words what I feel for her in my vows. Especially after following the one and only Carol Lynn Pearson. Maybe I'll have to take my best man's advice, he'll recite while I do some sort of interpretive dance.

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  1. Elise, I know this is the hard part, and I want you to know, I probably speak for most of the people when I say it was a tough decision. But, speaking for myself, always remember that even though my 3 boys won't be there on that day, please know who you are to them. Who you both are. And you always will be that special regardless of their attendance to the ceremony. We all love you both.