Monday, June 27, 2011

Pride for Pride?

I never thought I'd go to the Pride Parade, even after I comfortably came out and moved in with Elise. I thought I'd be happy being me, but not go to events that showed off what I was scared to be. Now...I've been twice.
It's definitely an interesting experience, being around so many others just like me. Perhaps these people enjoying the parade were raised a certain religion that teaches against their being gay, perhaps they had no religion at all. Maybe their parents kicked them out when they came out, maybe they embraced them more. All these people at or in this parade are either gay, or support their friends and family who are. That is why I go to the parade. I don't go to flaunt anything, or to offend anyone; I go to surround myself for one day of the year with people who know what it's like to be gay and have to face the same adversities. Everyone needs to feel support and unity, and this is the day for the gays. ;)
I don't fully understand though, why people who are into whips and chains and tickle torture are in the same parade...I guess it's because Pride celebrates diversity and alternative lifestyles more so than just homosexuality. I just don't love that people tie all those things together with being gay though, because then the people who already don't like gay people assume we're all the same. We're not, obviously. I'm not into leather chaps, dancing at clubs, handcuffs, sleeping around, drinking, or anything like that. But I am gay. And I do love a lot of people who are into such things. They're great people too.
I don't really have a point to all that. As usual, I'm just writing whatever comes to my brain.
I love you, Elise. Above any pride I might have for being gay, I am proud you're mine.

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