Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank you!

I'm a little nervous to post this because I think often times people get the wrong idea but I feel like this thank you is a bit overdue so I'll go ahead with it.
I'm so thankful to Sam's family. I feel so welcome at family get togethers or just brief visits. For a few of them it has taken sometime and I can see it's still a slow move uphill but everyone has made improvements and that is what I'm grateful for.
I want to make clear that I have never been given the impression that they accept Sam and mys' relationship or agree with it. I know where they stand in their beliefs and what they believe.
I love them all very much and I'm happy with the relationships I have built. I'm so glad Sam was raised in such a wonderful, loving family. I know they played a major part in who she is today.
Thanks guys!

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  1. Weese, I feel so touched reading this post. Know that you are loved and accepted. It may not always be perfect but you are a part of this family and I love you and my boys love you.