Monday, April 2, 2012

First Shower!

Last week, Elise and I were thrown our very first wedding shower! Her work friends threw it for us and it was super cute and fun, we appreciated it so much. We got lots of very nice gifts, there was amazing food and an adorable and tasty cake. It was weird to have the attention all on us, but so nice to have people supporting us, even if they don't necessarily agree with our relationship, they were showering us with love and helping us celebrate anyway. Such a great feeling, we are lucky to have such awesome friends.

Thank you, thank you, everyone who was involved with throwing the shower, and all who came!


  1. That was nice! If I would have been there, I might have quickly pushed Sam's face in the cake or something. Hmmm, maybe she would have done it herself, then looked up expectantly for people to laugh and have everyone stare at her blankly instead. That would be funny. Okay, I'm done. Love you guys!

  2. I have a couple more pics from the shower, if you like. It was so fun!