Friday, December 3, 2010



My love.

I am lucky.

I am lucky I have you.

You’ve helped me grow.

I am better because I know you.

You have brought so much joy into my life.

You’ve made me cry but made me laugh even more.

You have taught me patience and understanding through example.

You help me to see the little joys of life and remind me what’s important.

Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love you anymore you show me a way to.

I love that look you give me that says, “I love you” without any words.

I feel protected with you, like you won’t let anything harm me.

There is no one I would rather spend every minute with.

It’s definitely a bonus that you are beautiful.

You have the same desires as me.

You make me happy.

I love you.



  1. This is a very nice essay, Elise, but what I like even more is how you made the words form the way you did. Were you trying to form a triangle? Cause, it's pretty dang cool, I have to admit. =)

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your words help me appreciate my special guy even more.